Inventory Services in Nottingham

Nottingham Inventory Ltd is a local company that provides detailed and accurate reports related to letting your property. We act as an independant to both the landlord and the tenant ensuring that the final reports are of high quality to the state of the property at the time of the report. All our staff are fully trained and certified by APIP, photographic evidence is used in all off our reports.
Nottingham Inventory Ltd was established in 2012 after many years of experience in maintaining properties in and around the Nottingham area. Whilst in this business we made it our priority to listen to the clients views on inventory reports. On understanding that lots of clients were unhappy with there inventory provider we chose to set up Nottingham Inventory and cater for all client individual requirements.
Here at Nottingham Inventory Ltd we understand that having an eye for detail on these reports is second to none and the notes listed on the reports can be tailor made to suit your requirements.